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Shoulder pain is an unfortunate ailment that may be trauma-based, a result of strain or congenital. There are modern and effective solutions available for many problems. Shoulder surgeon Ilkka Moilainen is an expert in the field who knows ailments and the forms of treatment and solutions that fit them best. A specialist in orthopaedics, surgery and traumatology, he has treated many kinds of shoulder pains and ailments over the years and knows different treatment methods and operations well. On this site, you can find a comprehensive array of information on different forms of shoulder pain and ailment!

Shoulder surgeon Ilkka Moilanen

My areas of special expertise are functional problems of the shoulder joint and the treatment of accident and strain-based shoulder injuries. I have specialised for over ten years in shoulder joint surgery. I carry out corrective surgery on tendon damage and dislocated shoulder joints and also relieving impingement shoulder symptoms through surgery when other treatment methods have not helped. I also perform operations on injuries of the shoulder-clavicle and fracture corrections in the shoulder area, all with extensive experience. By training, I’m a surgeon and a specialist in orthopaedics and traumatology. In order to achieve the best possible treatment result, I work in close co-operation with shoulder physiotherapists. You can see my CV here.

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I work at the different sites of Aava and Terveystalo in Helsinki and Espoo and treat different kinds of ailments with solid expertise and competence. When you’re suffering from shoulder pain, book an appointment with a specialist in the field!


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